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Scholarship Application

Summer Camp

Tuition for one week at Omaha Girls Rock is $350. Omaha Girls Rock operates with very limited resources and we rely heavily on donations and support from the community to sustain our programs, so we ask those who can afford to pay full price to do so. However, we realize that not everyone can afford to pay full tuition or any tuition, so we have determined a sliding scale that includes a range of tuition amounts. Please consider your family income, resources, and dependents in the household when determining your requested reduced tuition amount. Due to our limited funds, we cannot afford to grant every request for reduced tuition. So please, pay what you can. However, if you do need financial assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask for it – that’s why we offer it.

I have read the above reduced tuition information
How much can you afford to pay towards your camper's tuition?
Is the camper eligible for free lunch at school?