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Registration Application

Summer Camp


Mailing Address (if different from above)

Camp week I'm applying for
Does your camper have any siblings or relatives who are also applying to Omaha Girls Rock?
Please be specific.
First Choice Instrument
Please note that your camper may not receive their first or even second choice instrument, though we will do our best!
Second Choice Instrument
Third Choice Instrument
Do you plan to bring your own insturment to camp?
We do not accept liability for personal instruments.
Camper's T-Shirt Size
Racial/Ethnic Identity
Creating a group of campers that reflects the diversity of our communities is a camp priority. In addition, some of our funders require the racial/ethnic and economic composition of our camp population to be documented. Providing the following information will help us meet our diversity goals and help us continue to receive funding for future camp sessions. Please check ANY AND ALL that apply OR skip this question and WRITE IN your preferred identity.
Is the camper eligible for free lunch at school?
Does the camper have any medical conditions, allergies, emotional/behavioral issues, or any other issues that the staff should know about? This is very important information, as it helps us provide the best care and supervision we can. All medical/behavioral information will be kept confidential, and shared only with the camp nurse and staff as necessary to provide proper care. Please include any medications the camper is taking.
Reduced Tuition (optional)
  • In order to apply for reduced tuition, you must also complete the Scholarship Application.
If you would like translation/interpretation assistance during classes and workshops, please indicate your first language here
Application Fee ($10)